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Budget Motel Chain is a wholly Australian owned accommodation chain… and the favourite!

Our properties have WIFI, Clean Rooms and plenty of Parking and many offer Breakfast and some are even Pet Friendly.

Don’t pay more for the same room on another site! Save money and Book Direct with us for the Best & Cheapest Price and support regional Australian Businesses and Families.

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Budget Motels provides clean and affordable rooms across Australia

Budget Motel Chain offer affordable accommodation across Australia and our hosts look forward to welcoming you with a clean room, comfy bed, Wifi, and Parking! Did you know our friendly hosts have a wealth of information to share with you on what you can find to enjoy in the community? They look forward to sharing what the locals do, where to eat, what to see, where to go and just have a good banter about what’s going on around town!

Being owner occupied, we pride ourselves on our service to our guests.  As a wholly Australian owned accommodation chain, we are very proud to have been looking after Australian’s with their travel accommodation for more than 40 years…!

If you are a Birder, Road Tripper, Adventurer, Bushwalker, Foodie, Train Spotter or just want to look for different things to see and do around regional Australia, (like visiting all the ‘big things’) Budget Motel Chain has got your back.  We have more than 100 properties with affordable accommodation and our hosts are ready to welcome you when you check in with us.  

Remember, when you book direct with Budget Motels, you are supporting local Australian businesses and families, and your money stays in Australia. Room rates are cheaper when you book online with than paying with other booking sites, and if you see a price that is more expensive, let us know so we can give you the best rates for the same room on the same day!

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