5 Best Beaches In And Around Brisbane

By Budget Motels on 26 March 2015

Let’s face it – if you’re holidaying in Brisbane, you’re looking to experience the sun, sand and surf that the city is famous for. Being a relatively tropical location, visitors find that the weather is fairly accommodating most of the year, allowing you to comfortably swim or even tan during spring and even autumn. We have outlined 5 of the best beaches in the local area for you to enjoy.

Streets Beach

Brisbane’s only city beach, it has pride of place in the parklands along the river. The powdered white sand is patrolled by lifeguards and is a favourite amongst families with young children. The shallow lagoon meanders its way under bridges and past tiny islands (which are perfect for a picnic) until it joins the Aquativity area.

Lower Moora Beach

This enchanting little beach is found 30 minutes drive from the CBD, at the base of the Shorncliffe cliffs. The grassy stretches and sand is provided shade by overhanging cotton trees, ideal for those who are worried about sunburn, and there is a playground for the littlies. You will also find plenty of rock pools to explore when the tide is low.

Suttons Beach

This tiny strip of sand is located 45 minutes from the CBD, It is a popular destination for children and non-confident swimmers due to the gentle waves and sheltered waters. At the southern end of the beach, you will find a scenic path that winds its way to Woody Point. This track will provide you with a glimpse of the Gayundah wreck.

Scarborough Beach

This is just one of a string of bay beaches that line the Redcliffe Peninsula, but is definitely known for being the prettiest. At around an hour and 20 minutes drive from the CBD and bordered by impressive Norfolk Pines, the beach is a protected haven for families. There is also a sand-based children’s park (railway themed at one end, pirate themed at the other).

Margate Beach

At around 45 minutes drive from the CBD, this beach offers calm surf that is ideal for paddling. At the southern end, you will find a rocky cover that is overlooked by Scotts Point and 1930s bathing pavilion. Again, this beach is popular amongst families due to its sheltered waters, but you are also likely to find some beginner surfers in the surf.

Whether you’re looking to kill a few hours or you want to tour all of the beaches in the local area, we are sure that Brisbane’s stunning beaches will meet all your needs. The golden sand is just begging for you to lay down your towel and catch a few rays, whilst the calm waters are the ideal place for young children to frolic in relative safety. So, what are you waiting for?