Australia's First and Favourite Motel Chain

Budget Motel Chain was established in 1978 and was the first Australian owned motel chain. It was loosely based on the American style ‘referral’ chains, where properties still maintain their independence and would refer guests on to their fellow members.

We take the time to learn who our guests are, and through extensive profiling, we know what they are interested in and what motivates them to book their accommodation.  We talk with them regularly to nurture them towards being Advocates of Budget Motel Chain.

With the advent of the internet the Accommodation Industry changed dramatically, bringing with it a variety of Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) and different ways to search for and book accommodation.

At Budget Motel Chain, we pride ourselves in not only changing with the times and being a leader in this sector. Our custom-built Channel Manager, UseROSS, was first developed in 2010, specifically for our members, and completely rebuilt during 2018-2019 to give our members a better experience and includes more features and functions to make it easier. 

Again, taking back control of our Industry and leading the way for our members.

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