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AAoA Updates and Expression of Interest Applications

Income Support Measures and Industrial Relations Advice

Please find a copy the Accommodation Association’s updated advice on access to social security payments in conjunction with HFW.

Expression of Interest for Self-Isolation Rooms

The following is an Expression of Interest to Victorian members on behalf of Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) concerning making available room stock at a whole of state level to help support mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 virus

DJPR – Expression of Interest to Victorian members

The DJPR are taking preventative action and steps to help save lives and they are reaching out to Accommodation Operators in Victoria to assist.

The DJPR are looking to quickly secure inventory from both metropolitan and regional communities so they can provide accommodation as a precautionary quarantine measure for the purposes of self-isolation, housing vulnerable people, and/or to support essential service workers.

How to participate: 

Victorian properties who would like to participate, please complete this form and email it back to Events@aaoa.com.au no later than 1pm on Friday 27th March 2020.

Save the excel spreadsheet and rename to: (Property Name)_ Accommodation-Inventory-Spreadsheet.

The identity of the property owners and related details will remain confidential.

DJPR are looking for a range of accommodation types to service a variety of end user needs. It is important that properties provide as much information as possible on the type of accommodation, when it will be available and what services can be provided.

The government will support this initiative and will provide a financial contribution to secure these rooms for a period of time, initially up to a three-month period. The daily rate payable will be $120.00 per room per night (inclusive of GST).

Please note the Association will be providing the information to government, but will not be involved in the decision. The DJPR will contact successful properties directly.

Further Information Updates

Please find the Accommodation Association’s update on the status of the information on self-isolation rooms you have provided for government and an update on some of the resources available to you at this time to ensure you stay updated.