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Located in northern Queensland on the Flinders Highway (approximately 134km inland from Townsville), you will find the city of Charters Towers. It was founded during the 1870s and has a very long, very profitable mining history.

There are a number of reasons why tourists find themselves in the city – it’s a popular stopover for many travelling through northern Queensland and others are drawn there because of its mining culture (both past and current).

One of the main reasons that tourists choose accommodation in Charters Towers is its mining connections. Whether you’re interested in the historical gold rush that occurred during the late 1800s or you’re interested in the mining that occurs today, there are plenty of sites to visit. You might even find your own gold nugget that can be taken home as a souvenir!

Another of the main reasons that visitors choose budget motels in Charters Towers is the stunning natural scenery that encompasses the region. The climate and terrain of Queensland is unlike anywhere else in Australia, so it’s definitely worth stopping to take a look. In particular, we recommend the Dalrymple National Park, Lake Paluma and Paluma Range National Park.

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Where to Stay

If you are hoping to book hotels in Charters Towers, you might be surprised to learn that you’ll be pretty spoilt for choice. There are a range of accommodation options to choose from, many of them self-contained for your convenience.

Budget Motels is committed to providing high quality, affordable accommodation for every sort of traveler. Whether you’re just passing through for the night, in town on business or taking an extended holiday, we have an option for you.

We know that a major concern of anyone looking to book accommodation in Charters Towers is proximity to amenities and attractions. Our properties have fantastic locations that put you right in the thick of things.

Getting Here

Travelling by car from Brisbane will take around 15 hours and from Cairns will take around 5 hours and 40 minutes. The fastest routes take you mostly along the coast; it is possible to travel inland, but will add time onto the journey.

Other methods of travel include air, train and bus. There is a small airport with sporadic domestic flights, The Inlander stops in the city twice each week, and there are a number of coach and bus services operated daily.

Once you’ve arrived at budget motels in Charters Towers, the only public transport available is a bus (which also travels between the city and Townsville). You also have the option to get around via taxi if desired.


If you have booked a hotel in Charters Towers, we’re sure that you’re interested in some of the local attractions and activities. After all, you don’t want to spend your whole trip cooped up in your room or the car!

Explore the distinctive natural surroundings by taking a Texas Longhorn Wagon and Safari Tour (the only place in Australia where you can take a horse drawn canvas covered wagon ride), try your hand at gliding, picnic at the Charter’s Weir and visit one of the many parks in the region.

Those interested in the gold rush will find plenty of things to do. Step back in time at Centenary Park, visit the Stock Exchange Arcade and Assay Mining Museum, Miner’s Cottage, and check out the Venus Gold Battery.

There are also a number of other historical attractions to explore when staying at motels in Charters Towers, including: the Zara Clark Museum, the Civic Club (which was once a “gentleman’s club”), the Historic Ambulance Centre, Ravenswood (a heritage listed town), and the World Theatre.

Many people traveling to the area will also book themselves onto one of the many ghost tours on offer. Whether you believe in spirits or not, the tours also offer a fantastic historical account of the city through the years.

Where to Eat

Whilst many hotels in Charters Towers will offer at least basic cooking facilities, there are also plenty of options should you wish to eat out. Townsville, which is only a short drive, is also filled with delicious restaurants and eateries.