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Top 10 Reasons People Join Budget Motel Chain

Thanks to the internet it’s now easy for people to find everything they need, compare prices, read reviews and make their booking.

Specifically, in the accommodation industry, online services like Airbnb and other OTA’s are taking a greater slice of the pie and while their actions have impacted on the established motel operators, Budget Motel Chain have been proactive in our approach to this changing environment.

Joining Budget Motel Chain provides our members with a competitive advantage as they become active, informed members of the accommodation industry. We understand you lead a very busy life running your property, and while it might seem another thing to add to your day and is another thing you have to do, you are here considering what membership can offer you. 

Membership with Budget Motel Chain could very easily be the one thing that saves you time, worry and gives you the competitive advantage you are seeking for your property.

We have always maintained the old adage of “Strength in Numbers” and the more members we have in Budget Motel Chain, the louder our voice to protect the accommodation industry for our future.


“Chris Fozard, Operations Manager, sent out an email earlier in the year advising us of a Government tender that would be coming up. Having never done anything like this before we decided to jump in headfirst and have a go.

The tender was a little bit difficult, but we worked our way through their online process and completed what was required. After few months we were advised we were successful and there is a possibility of 500 rooms over 2 years.

We would never of even had a shot if Chris hadn’t been sending us all the info he does, so a big shout out to Chris.”

Michael, Budget Motel Chain Member 

Understanding our Guest

Knowing where our guests come from and who they are, means we can focus our attention on building our relationship with them and targeting them in the areas they occupy.  The profile of the Budget Motel Chain guest enables us to cost effectively direct our members’ fees into areas that will generate the best return for their property. 

Using research on how our guests interact with media and advertising, means we advertise responsibly and in ways that consumers engage with it.

Our research and insights give credibility to the decisions we make in our business strategy to support our members and the business.

Evidence Based Marketing

Budget Motel Chain members are located throughout regional Australia.  Data from Tourism Research Australia provides evidence on the future of visitation for regional tourism and the people who will be visiting.  We use this data to focus on areas that will generate the best outcome for our members.

Budget Motel Chain Uses Tourism Research Australia Data

1. Industry Influencers

Budget Motel Chain instigated the ground movement of ‘Booking Direct’ by speaking with the ABC on how the OTA’s are impacting on the Accommodation Industry.  We partnered with Dick Smith who recorded the now infamous YouTube dialogue and attended our AGM.

2. Industry Research and Insights

With a database of more than 500,000 people, we have conducted detailed industry research on what is important to them in making accommodation bookings.  We use that data for our accommodation marketing to motivate people along the Purchase Cycle from Awareness to Purchase.

3. UseROSS Channel Manager

UseROSS Channel Manager was developed by Budget Motel Chain as a result of the frustration of paying fees, charges and big commissions to financial institutions and OTA’s just to have guests’ book to stay at their own properties.

Many Channel Managers and Online Travel Agents send you a VCC, which you then enter into your POS terminal. These attract merchant and sometimes cross-border transaction fees, which can be upward of 3.5%+ of the VCC value. This is on top of the commission the OTAs take!

UseROSS was the first to offer VCCs, and now we’re the first to get rid of them. We listened to our user’s concerns about the amount of fees they were paying for VCCs, and we’ve changed the way you receive your payments. We have replaced VCCs with a no fee direct credit system.

4. Guest Relationships

Even though the OTA’s exclude property owners from a having direct relationship with guests who book on their OTA websites, Budget Motel Chain collectively use the data we can to build and strengthen a direct relationship.  This has resulted in regular emails promoting our members, promotions, offers and incentives.

5. Collective Power

When we come together, we share the costs and services that are often too expensive for an individual to carry on their own.  This might be in the form of technology, research, advertising, knowledge and other areas.  Sharing information and giving each other a helping hand to succeed forms part of the foundation of the Budget Motel Chain.

6. Credibility, Respect & Transparency

Our Board follows the constitution that has been by approved by members to deliver on growing the Budget Motel Chain brand and takes seriously the responsibility it has to members.  The success and growth of a brand that has been synonymous with the Australian accommodation industry for more than 40 years is not taken lightly, and the transparency of the Board is integral to reputation of Budget Motel Chain among our peers and with our guests.

7. Marketing Campaigns

Budget Motel Chain are on-target to deliver more than 2 million emails to our      databases, consumer incentive promotions, referral programs and social media campaigns. We use digital and database marketing methods to extend the reach of deliverability of the Budget Motel Chain brand and in ways we are able to provide live reporting on its’ effectiveness and the Return on Investment.

8. Online Price Comparison Tool

Budget Motel Chain designed and built a specific program for our booking website for guests to compare the search results of the Budget Motel room price AND extracted data from four (4) OTA’s to show a REAL TIME price comparison, whereby the OTA’s were more expensive or same price for the same room.

9. Launch of ‘My Budget Motels’

Another ‘first’ initiative by Budget Motel Chain where guests have their own platform to manage their booking preferences, profile and lifestyle preferences which is then matched to member operators.  Their individual profile is plotted on a map which displays the best place to have their next Budget holiday.  This also provides an additional advertising platform for partners to advertise their products and generate revenue.

10. Partnership Programs

Budget Motel Chain have extended our Partnership Program to include consumer brands who enhance our guest experience.  This encourages loyalty and preference to the Budget Motel Chain brand by motivating our guests to becoming advocates and a higher repeat visitation number.

With only 8% of visitors coming from the International market, Budget Motel Chain focuses our accommodation marketing efforts on the Australian market and in the areas where our future guests are located.  Holiday, Visiting Friends & Relatives and Business are the reasons people visit Regional Australia.  

Niche Marketing

Results and analysis of the past guest profiling activity, Budget Motel Chain has identified niche areas of interest that we now use for our marketing and advertising.

A small sample of the niche markets of interest includes lighthouses, bridges, ‘big’ things, graveyards and trains, birds, art galleries, museums and sport.

Budget Motel Chain now has more than 100 different of areas of interest of niche topics that our guests engage with.  This gives us the competitive advantage of knowing exactly what to promote, what to say and where to advertise.

Digital Marketing and Advertising Vs Traditional Styles

Budget Motel Chain Understands Digital Marketing

Using technology and the power of the internet can help us create different ways to take back control of our industry. 

Online Marketing and Digital Media have transformed the way people travel and how companies operate.  Yes, the playing field is more level than ever before, and consumer preferences and habits are changing. Yes, you need to keep up to date and adapt. 

Traditional, old style methods of marketing are very expensive and do not reach as many people as digital marketing does. 

Take Billboards for example; A Billboard campaign lasts for 1 month, is limited to very specific locations and is one of the most expensive forms of advertising you could use. 

It’s also impossible to trace how many sales it gives you (or someone else) so you can’t measure the Return on Investment or how effective it really was.

In 2019, Thomas Cook – the world’s oldest travel firm collapsed.  What happened? The internet happened. Consumers moved online for their travel needs and Thomas Cook did not – Amazing but true.

Online is experiencing about 7% to 8% growth per year compared with 2% to 3% traditional, older style methods.   Are you prepared to take advantage of this growth?  What are the results of your digital activity and website statistics?

View Website Statistics of Another Accommodation Chain

Information obtained via publicly listed domains

Online Price Comparison Tool

The Budget Motel Chain Online Price Comparison Tool is another example of how we have used technology to create a competitive advantage for our members.   

It shows guests the price OTA’s are selling our members rooms at, compared to our members.  This is a very unique and valuable tool that we offer our members on our website.

Budget Motel Chain Price Comparison Tool

Your Invitation to Become a Member

Over the last 3 years, Budget Motel Chain has delivered on our commitment to our members in the following areas:

>  Continuity of Board Members

>  Upgrade of our Website

>  Development of the Online Price Comparison Tool

>  Refresh of our brand identity and collateral

>  Implementation of a Marketing Plan

>  Development of the Budget Motel Chain Channel Manager, UseROSS

>  Increase in revenue

The future of Budget Motel Chain is strong and healthy, and we would like you to be a part of our future achievements.

If you would like to know more, or are interested to hear how we can support your property, please contact us on 03 9784 4111 or email at

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