Best Things To Do On A Night Out In Adelaide Without Alcohol

By Budget Motels on 24 July 2018

In Australia, almost every occasion can be celebrated with a drink. Whether we’re having a wine with dinner, or a beer after work, we love to sit down and relax with a cold one – especially if we’re on holidays. But this can get a little tiresome, it’s true. If you’re planning a trip to Adelaide, we’ve made a list of the best things you can do on a night out without alcohol.

Watch the Sunset
Adelaide has so many beautiful spots you can watch the sunset from – you’re really spoiled for choice. Head up to Mount Lofty summit, the tallest mountain in Adelaide, and watch the sun set over the city. Pack a picnic and a blanket, and really make a night out of it. You can also head over to Glenelg or Henley Beach if you want to watch the sun dip below the water. Buy fish and chips at one of the local shops if you want to eat like a local. This is a truly Australian experience that isn’t to be missed.

Live Music
From the city that bought you Jimmy Barnes, Hilltop Hoods, and Paul Kelly, you’re guaranteed to find a thriving live music. Our personal favourites include the Thebarton Theatre, or the ‘Thebby’, one of Adelaide’s most prestigious live music venues; head to Jive for a taste of indie music; or Her Majesty’s Theatre, a great place for musical’s, and was considered the finest theatre in Australia when it opened in 1913. Whatever your taste, Adelaide will have a venue perfect for you.

Go Ghosting
If you’re one of the braver souls among us, then the Old Adelaide Goal could be perfect for you. As one of South Australia’s oldest buildings, it housed some of the state’s most notorious and dangerous criminals over the 147 years it was in operation. Visit at night time to bear witness to the ghosts of inmates past – after all, the gaol saw 45 executions in its lifetime, and a tour will give you a chance to learn more about the inmates and their crimes. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a ghost.

Night Markets
There is nothing better than heading out for dinner, lining up under lanterns and fairy lights, and sharing food with friends. Held on every Sunday night during summer, the Adelaide Night Market is a firm favourite for obvious reasons. It transforms the North Terrace into a party after dark, filled with international street food, jewellery, live music, and more. If it isn’t on when you’re in town, you should check out The Market Shed’s Twilight Market for some winter fun. If you prefer your markets beachside, then be sure to put aside time for the Beach Front Twilight Market in Seacliff. This one is perfect for families, with plenty of kid’s activities, and of course, good food and great stalls.

As you can see, going without alcohol in Adelaide does not, under any circumstances, mean going without fun! There are so many great activities that you can do across the city, whether you’re a couple, a family, a group, or even a solo traveller. Whatever your tastes, and whatever your budget, there are heaps of things to do on a night out that don’t involve a drink in hand!