Best Tracks And Trails For Walking Your Way Around Hobart

By Budget Motels on 26 March 2015

Many people who come to Hobart are interested in the walking trails around our fair city. The good news is that there are tracks and trails to suit everyone, from those you can take the kids on to those that are suitable for more experienced hikers. We have outlined some of our favourite tracks in the region, which showcase the stunning scenery of southern Tasmania.


If you want to experience the history and culture of the city, there are 6 different walks to enjoy. The Battery Point Sculpture Trail is 2km long, Historic Battery Point is 5.8km long, Hobart Rivulet Park is 2.7km long, City to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Loop is 6.7km long, Classic Urban Parks is 3.4km long and New Town Rivulet Track is 7.5km long.


The forests and national parks around Hobart are truly a delight to explore on one of their 15 tracks. The shorter trails include: Gentle Annie Falls Circuit (1.3km), Cascade Walking Track (2.4km), O’Grady’s Falls (2.2km), and the Tip Top Track (1.5km). The longer tracks include: the Springs to Lenah Valley (7.1km), North South Track (11km long) and Fern Tree to Wellington Falls (12.7km long).


The beaches surrounding Hobart are truly beautiful at all times of year; there are 3 walks that allow you to experience them in all their glory. The Sandy Bay Foreshore is 1.6km long and is considered a very easy trail; the Intercity Cycleway is 15.6km long and travels from Hobart the Claremont; and Cornelian Bay to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is 2.6km long and is considered a little more difficult than the other two.


If you’re interested in exploring the mountains around Hobart, there are 11 walks to choose from. Some of our favourites include: the Circle Track (1.2km long), Hobart to the Pinnacle (14.2km long), Lenah Valley to the Pinnacle Loop (17km long), the Springs to Sphinx Rock Loop (2.7km long), Organ Pipes Circuit (9.2km long), Fern Tree to the Springs Loop (3.9km long) and Pinnacle to Zig Zag Track Lookout Loop (1.4km long).

The next time you’re holidaying in Hobart, we definitely recommend that you check out the beautiful scenery by undertaking one of the 35 walks in and around the city. There is something for every skill level, ensuring that you are able to walk safely, and for all time limits, ensuring that you’re able to kill as much or as little time as you like!