Adelaide - an ideal destination for backpackers
Why Adelaide is the Perfect Destination for a Backpacking Experience By Budget Motels on 28 August 2018

If you’re travelling to Australia, or you’re a local who wants to get out and see the sites, then you’d be amazed at everything there is to see and do.

best things to do on a night out in adelaide
Best Things To Do On A Night Out In Adelaide Without Alcohol By Budget Motels on 24 July 2018

In Australia, almost every occasion can be celebrated with a drink. Whether we’re having a wine with dinner, or a beer after work, we love to sit down and relax with a cold one – especially if we’re on holidays.

Adelaide Beach
The Best Beaches In Adelaide By Budget Motels on 25 May 2016

If you’re looking to book a motel in Adelaide next summer, we’re sure that you will want to hit the beach at some point.

A Guide To The Wine Regions Around Adelaide By Budget Motels on 26 March 2015

Often referred to as the wine capital of Australia, you would be remiss in visiting Adelaide and not stopping to sample a drop or two.