Foundry Palms Motel, Victoria

Foundry Palms Motel Address:
86 High Street,
Victoria 3525

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Foundry Palms Motel is a member of the Budget Motel Group which means our standards are to provide clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation to our guests. As part of the Budget Motel Chain, Foundry Palms Motel in Charlton will always offer you the best affordable rates when you book on!

Charlton is a tiny town of tree-lined streets, situated on the banks of the Avoca River. Large grain silos indicate the dominance of wheat, oats and barley as vital crops in the district. The Charlton feedlot is the largest beef feedlot in Victoria. Wool and fat lambs also contribute to the local economy. Today it is a pleasant place to pause for a relaxed break. Charlton Golden Grain Museum is located at 1 High Street, the Charlton Golden Grains Museum contains a collection of over 3,000 items relating to local history. It has displays on local sport, war, agriculture, industry and medicine. It is located in the former Mechanics’ Institute (1882).

Bendigo Gold Fields

Bendigo is proudly built upon on a gold rush legacy stretching back to the 1850s. Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Farrell, the wives of two workers from the Mt Alexander North pastoral property would change the course of history in 1851, discovering alluvial gold nuggets in Bendigo Creek while hand washing clothes. Discover that history in Bendigo’s authentic attractions, such as the fascinating Central Deborah Gold Mine, once a working mine, now welcomes visitors daily.

Choose from a variety of mine tours where you can explore up to 228 metres deep and get first-hand insight into the city’s remarkable story of gold discovery. Above ground visit Victoria Hill Reserve, an untouched treasure from Bendigo’s boom days, where open cut shafts, poppet heads and an historic gold battery feature along walking paths cut through quartz reefs.

Around $8 billion worth of gold in today’s value was found here, and the area once boasted the world’s deepest mine, at 4,613 feet. That record earned it a place on Australia’s first pound note printed in 1913. The mining reserve is located in Happy Valley Road, just one kilometre from the CBD and opposite the historic Gold Mines Hotel.

When you’re done conquering the hill, climb the stairs of Rosalind Park’s poppet head, a favourite among visitors and active locals, offering a workout and a wow-factor view over Bendigo. The local icon was originally from the Garden Gully United mine, one of Bendigo’s richest, and was moved to the park in 1931.

Rosalind Park, named with a Shakespearean flavour, was the site of the original tent settlement that popped up when some 800 miners arrived by the Christmas of 1851. Some six months later over 20,000 people from Chinese, American, German, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh heritage had descended on the gold fields to find their fortune.