Budget Motels in Australia

Budget Motels are cleanest in Australia

Clean Rooms with Budget Motels is what people want most of all.

In fact, we did a survey to our past guests to find out what was most important to them when selecting their accommodation.

This is what they had to say. . .

Booking Security

The security of their booking was important to make sure their room was what they booked, their booking was secure and if there were any problems, they had someone to talk to.’

Booking Direct

One of the big things Australian’s are known for is mateship.  Going the extra mile for a mate and giving a helping hand when it’s needed.  So when the news came out that Australian motelliers needed people to ‘book direct’ to support the industry, that is exactly what they did!  When you book direct with Budget Motels, more of the room cost goes directly to the hosts instead of on the high commissions of the other booking sites.

Comfortable Accommodation

Comfortable accommodation is more than a bed, it is the welcome you receive from your hosts, the ability to park your car in reach, having all the amenities in your room and knowing that everything is in working order.  Our guests rate this as an important feature as well!

Car Parking

When you are stopping by for the night or using a Budget Motel as a base for your adventures, knowing your car is parked outside your room and is safe and secure gives you peace of mind.  You don’t have to unpack everything, you can get what you need, and have everything you need.

Room Cost

It goes without saying that regardless of the type of accommodation you book, you want to know you have the best room cost.  Everyone wants to feel they are not paying too much for their accommodation and it is good value.  When you are happy and satisfied with your room and amenities, the agreed cost of the room is acceptable.

The most important thing to our guests?


Our guests voted that Cleanliness as the most important thing to them when booking their accommodation.  We are are told time and time again that the Budget Motel Chain have the cleanest rooms!  We are told the Budget Motel clean room standard is high amongst our members, and that is why our guests keep coming back!

Budget Motel Chain is known by our guests as having the cleanest motel rooms!

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