For your Family Holidays

Budget Motel Chain Visit Friends and Family

Budget Motels provides Affordable Accommodation for your family holiday to visit friends and family.

Travel fulfils a key role in busy family lives by offering a chance for families to reconnect, recharge and have a break from normal routine. A domestic holiday is often a weekend break or a short break (2 to 4 days) providing an opportunity for families to relax and to open lines of communication between adults and children without time pressures.

They are often a mix of planned and spontaneous trips, spread across the calendar to provide milestones to look forward to, and are often undertaken for social reasons such as visiting family and friends. Road trips provide a perfect opportunity for families to bond as a family unit too!

Budget Motels helps people make these trips a reality by providing affordable accommodation along the way.  Budget Motels can also help you plan and prepare with our hosts making contact with your next Budget Motel along your journey, so they can welcome you and your family upon arrival.