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Walhalla Cemetery Gippsland Victoria

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Stories from the grave…

There’re a lot of lone graves out there in the bush. There’re a lot of people buried there with so many stories.  Here is the story of the cursed grave of James Mitchell from 1880.

Many people have heard of the Walhalla Cemetery’s famous cursed grave in Gippsland VIC, which bears an inscription foretelling the doom of all those who stand over the tomb. James Mitchell died in a mining accident in 1880, and his tombstone in Walhalla reads:

Oh! Let my sudden doom

A warning be to all

E’en while thou bendest o’er my tomb

Thou may’st as quickly fall

Did you know that there is a grave in Timor which bears the very same inscription? Joseph Nicholls died in 1874, six years before James Mitchell. Nicholls died at the Duke and Timor Mine, also in a mining accident. He is buried at the Timor Cemetery with the very same curse displayed on his gravestone! If you are interested in taking a look, Joseph Nicholls’ grave is located just beyond and to the right of the central circle of trees at the Timor Cemetery, just 10 minutes from Maryborough.

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Story and image from https://www.goldfieldsguide.com.au/explore-location/343/timors-cursed-grave/


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