Budget Motel Chain Online Price Comparison Tool

Compare the price for the same room online.

Budget Motel Chain has developed and initiated our own Online Price Comparison Tool for people to compare the real price of a room on our website, against the prices the OTA’s are selling the same room for, on their site.

Other Online Booking websites such as Booking.com, Expedia, Hotel Network and agoda sell the same Budget Motel Chain rooms on their website for more money or the same price.  Our rooms are then on-sold again to other websites who add their commission just making the room price even more expensive.

Some bookings sites confirm your booking when they don’t even have access to book it.  They take your booking and your money!

When you Book Budget Motels Direct on our website, the money stays here in Australia and you are supporting the local motel operator that you are staying with on your travels.

Compare the price for the same room on Budgetmotels.com.au and see how much you can save when you Book Direct.

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Budget Motel Chain Price Comparison Tool Compare Real Rooms
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