Budget Motel Chain Support Local Australian Motel Operators #HolidayHereThisYear

After years of drought, catastrophic bushfires in the last few months, the coronavirus outbreak, and now the possibility of widespread floods, the rural and regional tourism and accommodation industry has been knocked from pillar to post.

We are asking Australians to Book Direct with Budget Motels or with the Motel Operators.

Regional Australia motel operators pay between 15% – 49% commission on the bookings you make with the OTAs (Online Travel Agents – Overseas Booking Platforms) such as Booking.con, Trivago etc.

Budget Motel Chain Support Australian Motels Say NO! to OTA Commissions #HolidayHereThisYear

The federal government has instigated the $76 million fire recovery package, and the Australian public, many Australian and international celebrities and corporations have responded magnificently, thus far raising in excess of $0.5 billion and growing.

Interestingly, the major players in the Australian accommodation industry, who have an overwhelming amount of control, were noticeably missing from this list.

Just yesterday, I received an email from one OTA (Online Travel Agent) suggesting that I reduce my prices by 20 percent to offset the potential loss of bookings due to the coronavirus. Thanks, but no thanks.

And from another which stated, ‘If you have to cancel a reservation due to a bushfire or any natural disaster, it will not affect your ranking and we will refund the service fee directly back to the customer.’ No thank you again. We will handle our own refunds.

So, we are asking you to please consider the positive impact you can make to regional Australia when you Book Direct with Budget Motel Chain or motel operators, and Say NO! to the overseas booking sites.

Thank you and please… Book Direct Australia!

Charlie Ikstrums

Chairman, Budget Motel Chain.

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