Budget Motels Postcards from Bendigo
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Doing it like we used to

. . . with Australia’s favourite motel chain – Budget Motels​

Like many cities and towns across Australia, Bendigo is getting better at acknowledging and embracing the rich cultural heritage of its first peoples.

Bendigo has long been a must-see destination. When gold was first discovered here in the mid-1800s the world soon cottoned on and the box-ironbark forests and creek flats were overcome by people from around the globe hell bent on striking riches. Many did, and much of the wealth exhumed from the earth was invested back into building the city. That’s why Bendigo boasts some of the country’s most impressive architecture, public sculptures, fountains and gardens. And while Bendigo’s built heritage is certainly historic, it’s far from old hat. Today this place has inspired creativity and innovation on show for all to enjoy.

The land has been home to the Dja Dja Wurrung people for tens of thousands of years and today their stories are shared through cultural festivals and performances, and the city pays homage to their language through the naming of significant places, such as Ulumbarra Theatre and the Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre.

On European settlement this region was claimed by the pastoralists, until the discovery of gold in the 1850s eclipsed all else. People flocked to Bendigo from all around the globe, fuelled by word of the world’s richest gold fields. The creek flats and forests were soon decimated by a makeshift shanty town of mud and tents. But the boom came fast and much wealth was invested into building a city.

Budget Motels in Bendigo

Bendigo Region has a Gastronomy Guide that allows you to seamlessly explore the Regions food and beverage experiences.  You can custom build your own trails or explore existing trails, navigate to venues via gps integration, search via key word for particular interests, build your own favourites list and also share via Social Media.

Click here to commence your Gastronomy Journey through the Bendigo Region



Gold Rush History Central Deborah Gold Mine Courtesy Bendigo Region

Bendigo is proudly built upon on a gold rush legacy stretching back to the 1850s. Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Farrell, the wives of two workers from the Mt Alexander North pastoral property would change the course of history in 1851, discovering alluvial gold nuggets in Bendigo Creek while hand washing clothes.

Discover that history in Bendigo’s authentic attractions, such as the fascinating Central Deborah Gold Mine, once a working mine, now welcomes visitors daily. Choose from a variety of mine tours where you can explore up to 228 metres deep and get first-hand insight into the city’s remarkable story of gold discovery.

Bendigo Art Gallery

Bendigo Art Gallery was founded in 1887 – Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee Year. In the late 1880s, distinguished Bendigo architect WC Vahland supervised the conversion of the former Bendigo Volunteer Rifle’s orderly room in View Street into a new home for the Gallery’s collection.

Bendigo Art Gallery is one of the oldest and largest regional galleries in Australia, established in 1887. Bendigo Art Gallery’s collection is extensive, with an emphasis on 19th century European art and Australian art from the 1800’s, alongside a strong collection of contemporary Australian art.

Their collection includes painting, sculpture, ceramics, decorative arts, photography, works on paper, and Australian art.

So Happy With Budget Motels!
"Thank you Jan for making our stay so comfortable. We didn't realise how many Budget Motels there were in Australia and mostly all are so modern"
Sara Brown, Sydney
Great Local Knowledge
"It was good to know you were there looking after us and you helped us with things to see & do in the area we didn't know about."
Ethan Long, Roseville
Yes! The Rooms were all clean
"I am very fussy with the cleanliness of the rooms. I always check out the bathroom first and it was great. Thanks for that. Makes the stay relaxing when you don't need to worry about those types of things!"
Neil James, Engadine
Easier than I thought
"I hadn't stayed at a Budget Motel for many years. Booking was easy and better still, the full experience from check in, the owners and just generally everything was good"
Jackie Goldsmith, Victoria
Wow! What happened to Budget?
"Has Budget Motel had a big facelift or what? The rooms are so well kept and really nice. I am definitely using them as my motel of choice from now on"
John Garner, Morewell
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"Thanks for telling us so much about the places on this site. It's great to know what we can do when we stop over somewhere"
Jay Chowdhury, India
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"After watching the Dick Smith video, I always book direct now. It just feels good to know Im helping in a small way"
Joe Watkins, Newcastle