Find a Budget Holiday

Holiday Experiences

Budget Motel Chain knows holidays are about your experiences, and not just about where you are going or staying. We have listed many of the experiences our guests have told us they want on their holiday so it is easy for you to find. So when you are looking for your next holiday experience, we hope we can help you at Budget Motels.

Holiday Destinations

Budget Motel Chain believes in seeing as much as possible when you are travelling and across many different destination types. You might be looking for holidays near beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes creeks, caves or many of the different destination types. We hope we can help you find accommodation with us, on your next holiday.

Holiday Comforts

Our research has told us most of our guests look for clean rooms at affordable prices. They also tell us they look for Free WIFI and breakfast. Budget Motels offer those Holiday Comforts as well as family friendly, pet friendly, pools, apartments, wheel chair accessible and many other comforts to help you on your next Budget holiday.


Budget Motel Chain have motels around Australia.  Our Budget Motels are in places that you are yet to discover and explore, experiences you are yet to have and with all the comforts you expect in a modern day motel.

So if you are looking for a Budget Motel Holiday in Australia near the beach or by the lake or to stay and explore regional Australia for the Big Things, or hidden treasures, Budget Motel Chain will have a motel nearby for you.

Travelling with friends gives you memories that will last a lifetime and if we at Budget Motels can help make your holiday or trip easier, more fun or even more memorable, that is what makes us happy.

If you are on your family road-trip and looking for adventures, making up games to play in the car along the way, Budget Motels will welcome you when you arrive at our properties with a warm smile, a comfortable and clean room with WIFI.

Our motel hosts have great stories to share, stories of their experiences, stories from other travellers and this is what connects us all as we journey throughout the roads of Australia.

Country towns and villages, road-side fruit and vegetables, a beer at the pub or tasting fresh food from the local farmers market are what makes Australian holidays so unique.  All these adventures and experiences in the one country and all with a rich history that connects us to traditional owners and early settlers.  There is a Budget Motel Holiday Australia waiting for you.

Budget Motel Chain have more than 100 properties and many hundreds of rooms available for you and your family to add to your holiday experiences.


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