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Gold Rush

The first gold rush began in May 1851 after gold was found in Orange, New South Wales transforming the Australian colonies. Discoveries of gold in the nearby areas of Ballarat and Bendigo Creek in Victoria followed soon after.

Regional Australia flourished during this time with people from all over the world flocking to the area.

Billy from Budget Motels shared this article he had from the Geelong Advertiser, 14 October 1851:

“There are, we should say, about a thousand cradles at work, within a mile of the Golden Point. There are about fifty near the Black Hill, about a mile and a half distant. At the Brown Hill Diggings there are about three or four hundred more; to say nothing of hundreds on the ground not yet set at work. Allowing five for each cradle, the population within a radius of five miles must be a population of about seven thousand men”.

The discovery of gold in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia put Australia on the map.

As part of your Australian road trip find a town that has history, rich with stories from the gold rush era.  Chances are, you’ll discover a Budget Motel nearby offering quality, affordable motels!  Your hosts will tell you stories where there were people from all around the world. Each gold rush town has a story waiting to be heard.

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