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Local Music Festivals

Australia is home to dozens of festivals held annually. Whether your interests be arts, folk music or pop concerts, Australia has a festival for you. From electro pop and electronic dance music (EDM) to folk and country music – Australia is home to some of the best festivals. Regional festivals are on the rise making Budget Motels your top choice for cheap accommodation.

Head off to Canberra for the annual Floriade which showcases thousands of flowers and showcases beautiful Canberra. The festival is hosted in September and October, but Canberra is always bustling with activity.

Festivals and events in Australia are full of excitement, energy and people, because of this, many tourists choose longer festivals. Our hosts have years of experience and attend local festivals themselves. Budget Motels not only wants to be your base camp this festival season, but also a place to share your stories. You can’t go wrong with a Budget Motel.

Regional towns are creating new events every year! These events are home to local produce, food and wines. We recommend visiting the Tamworth Country & Western Festival or the Byron Bay Blues Fest. Get in the car and find your perfect festival!

Our hosts at Budget Motels in Australia give you special information you can’t to find online about the area. Start experiencing life like a local by staying at a Budget Motel. We offer the cheapest motels with the best hosts around making your experience special.

Did you know:  The Jacaranda Festival in Grafton is the oldest floral festival in Australia first held in 1935.

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