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Song Birds

If you are one of hundreds of thousands of people around the world who know and love birds, you understand why the birds sing! Song birds hum a tune continuously to our delight.

Budget Motels support the passionate and dedicated people who each year embark on their adventures to find rare and exotic birds native to Australia. Let your inner song birds loose and embark on your own special journey.

No matter if you are just starting out or have been a ‘twitcher’ or ‘birder’ for years, you’ll feel the thrill of spotting a long sought bird to tick off your list. You will love your experience!

Our hosts at Budget Motels know how you feel after a long day’s drive, looking for the spot where a legendary bird was recently seen. Is it still there?  Is it the right season?  How many are there?  Will you see it?

Stop in to rest at one of our Budget Motels and chat with our hosts. Our hosts have a great deal to share about the region and are always keen to hear your stories. We understand how valuable that ‘insider knowledge’. Budget Motels knows our hosts know the area more than most!

Did you know? Australia is home to one of the rarest and most elusive birds in the world. The Night Parrot was first sighted in 1883 and most recently again in South Australia. Sightings were recorded in Queensland, Western Australia and now South Australia!

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