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Membership with Budget Motels

Call it a Clan, a Tribe or a Network … you need one, join ours!

For our travelling guests…

When you travel, there is nothing better than knowing what to expect when you arrive and to be greeted by hosts who understand you.

Budget Motels have motels and hotels throughout regional Australia and you can find where you want to stay next by checking out our map of properties.  Each property has hosts who are looking forward to welcoming you and to hear your travelling stories.  Sharing stories is how we connect as people, and we have so many stories from other travelers who have been to untouched spaces throughout Australia, unique destinations, have had close encounters with animals, discovered rocks & crystals and stepped back in time to explore steam trains that shaped the country.

Whoever you are, we want you and to connect through your stories!


Looking to join the only motel chain which is Australian owned?

Being a motel owner is not always easy. At Budget Motels in Australia, we understand that it takes hard work to deliver a great service to guests looking for a safe and clean place to rest and have a good sleep. Sometimes you want to be part of a group with other people, just like you who want to share ideas, questions or a story or two!

At Budget Motels Australia we have many reasons we would like to welcome you into our clan, so why not give us a call and we can step you through it?