Budget Motels – Postcard Greetings Pack Your Pet

Budget Motel Chain Greetings from Postcard Pack Your Pet
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Doing it pet friendly

. . . with Australia’s favourite motel chain – Budget Motels​

Budget Motel Chain has affordable and cheap motel rooms in regional Australia. If your next Budget Holiday includes staying in the many different towns, villages and coastal areas throughout Australia and taking your pet with you, consider Booking Direct with Budget Motel Chain, and use our property as a base.

Budget Motels are home to great places to holiday, relax and play and many welcome your pets too! From the cities to the country, the beaches and reef to the rainforests, Budget Motel Chain has a place for you. So, where do you want to go?

Please note, some Visitor Information Centres may have reduced their hours of operation or temporarily closed in response to the current COVID-19 virus situation. Please contact individual VICs directly if you’re unsure whether they are impacted.

Budget Motels Pet Friendly

So Happy With Budget Motels!
"Thank you Jan for making our stay so comfortable. We didn't realise how many Budget Motels there were in Australia and mostly all are so modern"
Sara Brown, Sydney
Great Local Knowledge
"It was good to know you were there looking after us and you helped us with things to see & do in the area we didn't know about."
Ethan Long, Roseville
Yes! The Rooms were all clean
"I am very fussy with the cleanliness of the rooms. I always check out the bathroom first and it was great. Thanks for that. Makes the stay relaxing when you don't need to worry about those types of things!"
Neil James, Engadine
Easier than I thought
"I hadn't stayed at a Budget Motel for many years. Booking was easy and better still, the full experience from check in, the owners and just generally everything was good"
Jackie Goldsmith, Victoria
Wow! What happened to Budget?
"Has Budget Motel had a big facelift or what? The rooms are so well kept and really nice. I am definitely using them as my motel of choice from now on"
John Garner, Morewell
Like a Tourist Site
"Thanks for telling us so much about the places on this site. It's great to know what we can do when we stop over somewhere"
Jay Chowdhury, India
Its good to support local businesses
"After watching the Dick Smith video, I always book direct now. It just feels good to know Im helping in a small way"
Joe Watkins, Newcastle