The Best Beaches In Adelaide

By Budget Motels on 25 May 2016

If you’re looking to book a motel in Adelaide next summer, we’re sure that you will want to hit the beach at some point. After all, when the sun is beating down on you relentlessly, there is no better way to cool off. The good news is that there are plenty of beaches within a relatively short distance of Adelaide; we have covered some of our favourites in the list below:

  • Glenelg

This beach is located only 10km from the CBD and is the site of South Australia’s original mainland settlement (back in 1836). As well as checking out the beach, the vibrant seaside suburb is home to more than 200 specialty shops, museums, galleries, restaurants and cafes. You can also visit the marina at Holdfast Shores.

  • Henley

This beach is located only a 25 minute drive from the CBD and is a favourite amongst the locals on a hot summer evening. Activity seems to centre around the grassy foreshore, jetty and alfresco café precinct – there are 9 restaurants to choose from, allowing you to enjoy a variety of different cuisines (including Thai and Italian).

  • Horseshoe Bay

This beach is a little bit further afield (about 80 minutes drive) and is located in the popular holiday city of Victor Harbor. It’s quite a sheltered swimming bay, making it perfect for families who are looking for a safe place for their kids to swim. Body surfing is also a popular activity, as the waves don’t get large enough to knock you over.

  • Middleton

The next beach along from Horseshoe Bay, Middleton is about an 80 minute drive from motels in Adelaide and is a popular holiday spot amongst the locals. The bay is just as sheltered and calm here, which means it is highly suited to families with young children. You’ll find, however, that the area is a bit quieter.

  • Boomer

Another beach located in Victor Harbor, about 80 minutes drive from the CBD, Boomer Beach is right on Encounter Bay. This spot is not for the faint hearted, as waves come barreling in from Antarctica and give the coast a real lashing. It’s a popular spot for surfers but is also a great location for spotting southern right whales.

The next time you’re staying at motels in Adelaide, make sure that you explore some of the local beaches. Whether you want to take a dip, relax in the sun or even take a walk along the sand, there are plenty of spots to check out. Don’t forget that there are plenty of other beaches in the Adelaide area that you could also visit, including: Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island and Long Beach.